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St. Benedict Medal Ring

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Hand cut glass and fresh water pearls, ring is adjustable and 24K gold plated.  This brand is very on trend similar to another that all the celebrities are wearing, but at a more reasonable price point.

Info on the jewelry maker:

Barbosa is a family company established in San Miguel de Allende, a city in central Mexico, well known as a in the state of Guanajuato, is formed by brothers and sisters plus friends and coworkers, their family and a team that are making Barbosa their life’s work.
Barbosa was born from love, devotion and strives to capture forms found in Mexico’s diverse flora and fauna as well as to transform concepts from a rich art history, which dates back to a time before big discovery of the Americas, and blending them with different techniques and materials to create truly unique pieces that lend themselves well too many fashion trends.